Salt in Crude Analyzer


Determines the salt content, conductivity and temperature of crude oil samples according to ASTM D3230 specifications. Utilizes low-voltage, synchronous detection technology for conductivity measurements and a high-accuracy thermistor array to measure sample temperature. Automatically calculates salt concentration directly from acquired temperature and conductivity values. Self-calibration feature allows operator to adjust for any drift without re-entering standard temperature curves. Easy-to-read 2.6″ TFT-LCD display shows up to four of the following parameters at one time as chosen by the operator: salts, conductivity, conductivity @25°C, pH, pH millivolts, temperature (°C or °F), battery level, date, time, and indicator.



Salt content is determined by measuring the conductivity of a solution of crude oil in a polar solvent when subjected to an alternating electrical current and is obtained by comparison of the resulting conductivity to a calibration curve of known salt mixtures.