Automatic Vacuum Distillation System


The Automatic Vacuum Distillation System is designed to make vacuum distillation easy, safe and affordable. The self-contained unit is controlled by a standard PC. Fully automatic function minimizes the amount of operator time needed for the test. The latest Windows® operating system is included along with a state-of-the-art PC. The Windows®-based software is intuitive and guides you through the distillation step by step. All data is saved to the hard drive in standard format that can be easily opened by spreadsheets or exported to LIMS. Files can be accessed through portable USB drives, Ethernet connection or written to a CD/DVD. A color printer is provided to print hard copies of the reports. Process diagrams clearly show the current equipment status. Results can be viewed as the distillation proceeds in both tables and graphs. Distillation parameters can be modified at any time during the distillation.



Determines the range of boiling points for petroleum products that can be partially or completely vaporized at a maximum liquid temperature of 400°C at reduced pressures. The sample is distilled at a controlled, reduced pressure under conditions that are designed to provide approximately one theoretical plate fractionation. Initial and final boiling point is measured and a distillation curve relating volume percent distilled and the atmospheric equivalent boiling point temperature can be prepared.